Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, it's been a year...

I know, I's been a long time since I've posted any news. I'm sure you're all wondering what's happened with Ben since last October. Well, never fear. Just visit my sister's blog by clicking on her link under "Other Blogs Worth Seeing" to see pictures and videos of Ben throughout his first year. Then, be watching for a new post on my blog, which I'll take care of as soon as Ben is sleeping, the kitchen is clean, the living room has been vacuumed, the bathroom scrubbed, the bills paid, and dinner is in the oven... who am I kidding, that never happens! Just watch...I'll post soon.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Video Worth Watching

OK, so I was watching Oprah tonight (I've heard enough from my husband about breaking the Oprah may feel the same way but keep reading!), and she had a man on her show named Randy Pausch. Randy is a Carnegie professor dying from pancreatic cancer. After being diagnosed and given only a few months to live, he took the opportunity to give one final lecture to his students. He gave the lecture again on Oprah, and I was so moved and inspired I want you to see it too! Here's the link (You'll have to click on a second link from Oprah's page):

Randy Pausch's Final Lecture

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

4 Weeks Later...

Ben still looks pretty tiny to everybody else, but he's actually gained about 2 pounds this month! Here are a few of his latest pictures:

The week after Ben came home Nick's brother Matt and sister Sarah (both missing from pictures before) came over to the house for a visit.

Then, things calmed down a bit, and Ben started to make himself at home.

At 3 weeks Nick and I took Ben to visit his Dad's grandparents- both first-time great grandparents. Here's Nick's Dad's mom. She wasn't sure if she was up to holding Ben but decided after about 5 seconds that she could handle it.

Then we visited Nick's mom's parents at their house in Springfield. This is Grandma and Grandpa Paul with Ben.

Nick and I took Ben apple picking last weekend. He had a great time!

Our most recent discovery is that Ben loves fuzzy blankets. Here he is taking a wonderfully long snooze in his swing wrapped up in his fleecy frog blanket. Isn't he cute! Of course, we have to keep an eye on him when he's all bundled up like this. Also... notice his newly developing bald spot. He no longer has hair on the top of his head. Hopefully that'll work itself out as soon as possible!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Benjamin Isaac Vespa

Jen and Nick have been quite busy for the past few days (can't blame them!), so I'm standing in as their blogger for a post or two. We want to make sure pictures of Ben are up before too long, and we really want to have a place to direct friends and family who want to see him. Enjoy!
-Christy :)

Benjamin Isaac Vespa
August 16th, 2007 at 7:51pm
5 pounds 12 ounces
20 inches

Aren't these 3-D images incredible!? That's really what he looks like!

Ben's first look at the world

(this picture is the best of all)
Mommy and Me

Ben's first outfit

the happy family

the proud new Daddy

Nick's dad, Mike

Nick's mom, Dawn

Nick's brother, Luke
(Nick's other brother, Matt, couldn't make it and Nick's sister, Sarah, isn't pictured)

our parents, Kim and Chuck


look how little he is!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Peer Pressure Did Us In!

All of our friends are doing it. My sister's doing it. Even my mom is doing it! That's right. We've been peer pressured into starting our own blog...that and the fact that we're just finishing major home renovations on a pit we bought last November that everyone wants to see pictures of AND that we're expecting our first baby this September. So, OK, I give in, but don't expect near daily updates like that Sen fellow! I'll make our first official post as soon as I get 5 minutes away from working on the soon as the baby arrives, whichever comes first.